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Wake County, North Carolina Increases Sales Tax

The North Carolina Department of Revenue has issued an important notice in regards to Wake County transit sales and use tax.

Wake County, the second-most populous county in North Carolina, will levy an additional 0.50% local sales and use tax beginning April 1, 2017.

The additional tax will be added to the current 4.75% State and Wake County local 2.00% sales and use taxes, creating a new total rate of 7.25%.  The tax increase will benefit the Research Triangle Regional Public Transportation Authority, and is to be used solely for public transportation systems.

Retailers should collect and are liable for the additional 0.50% local sales and use tax on the sales price of or the gross receipts generated from transactions made in Wake County. Retailers located outside of the county that deliver products to customers within the county are also liable for the additional tax.

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