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Vertex SMB offers a cloud-based sales tax solution that is designed to save time, effort, and risk associated with calculation, return, remittance, and compliance for small to medium-sized businesses

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We believe solutions like Vertex SMB are a critical component in helping clients transform their businesses.

Bill Knapp, Director of Business Development at Socius Bill Knapp Director of Business Development at Socius
  • Calculations and Returns In One Solution

    With Vertex SMB, there is no need to access separate applications for tax calculations and returns. Our innovative interface guides you through a configuration process that allows you to personalize the taxability to make it as simple or complex as you need. With calculations and returns in sync, signature-ready PDF returns are automatically generated for you for each relevant time period.

  • Consumer Use Tax

    Consumer use tax can be complicated, with various scenarios triggering a requirement for the tax. Vertex SMB enables you to calculate and report your consumer use tax, including for accruals, asset and goods management, inventory removal, and purchase orders.

  • Exemption Certificate Management

    Efficiently manage your exemption processes with Vertex SMB. You have the flexibility to bulk upload exemption certificates or upload them one at a time, set effective and expiration dates, store the certificates, and manage customer exceptions with our solution and within your ERP.

  • Rate Files

    Download rate files by location or upload addresses for your specific business needs and access tax rate files. Jurisdiction tax amounts are continuously researched and updated, maintaining our tax content to keep you current.

  • Automated Returns

    No matter the source of your data, you can use our automated returns offering - for your or your clients’ businesses. Upload an adjustment file or access data from your ERP and allow Vertex SMB to populate all necessary returns for you. Analytical data is provided so you can determine if you are calculating your tax correctly. File and remit payment for the returns yourself, or allow Vertex SMB to file and remit payment for you. It’s always accurate, complete, and on-time.