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Archived Event: Webinars

Simplify Sales and Use Tax Processes with Automation

August 15, 2017 | 2:00 to 3:00 pm ET

For any retail enterprise, from the smallest store to the biggest multinational chain, managing sales and use tax can present formidable challenges. Especially at a time when states are eagerly pursuing every penny of tax revenue and ecommerce has vastly enhanced the ability of even a small retailer to sell to customers in new markets, the need for a solid sales and use tax management strategy has never been greater. That is why it is vital to establish a baseline of your current tax complexity and to revisit it on a regular basis.

An automated sales and use tax solution can provide clear, easily accessible data about what is taxable (and where); what the specific rates are; and which types of returns need to be filed. Centralization and automation can also consolidate the data and records required if a company is subject to an audit.

Bradd Wildstein, Director of Sales, Vertex
Ian Dyer, Sales Engineer, Vertex