About Vertex SMB

Vertex SMB provides a cloud-based sales and use tax solution for calculation and remittance, designed for small to medium-sized businesses operating in 2+ states.

We have designed an innovative interface and user experience that reduces the time, effort, and risk of managing sales tax compliance.

Vertex SMB runs on the most advanced calculation and returns software platform in the industry, used by thousands of the largest corporations in the world. Positioned to support all of your sales and use tax needs as your business grows, Vertex SMB is now right-sized for your organization.

Our end-to-end service model is unique in our industry, because it was built with the end result of compliance in mind.  This ensures that the returns and compliance data you submit to the agencies is right the first time—every time.

Vertex SMB is the business division of Vertex Inc. dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses.

Vertex Inc. Statistics

  • 46% of Fortune 1000 are Vertex users
  • Over $4B Vertex remits billions in funds annually on behalf of their clients
  • Over 11K Vertex calculates tax for over 11,000 taxing jurisdictions across the globe
  • Over600K Vertex tracks and maintains over 600,000 unique taxability rules across tax types

Why Vertex SMB?

As the market leader for tax technology, we can help you streamline tax calculation, increase accuracy, and stay compliant, keeping you on top of tax rate updates, nationwide. Here’s how:

Tax Calculations

Vertex SMB ensures that your calculations are based on accurate rates and rules. We continually update to keep you current and compliant.


You can be assured that your returns are accurate and on time for every jurisdiction, every time.

Solution Features

  • Calculations and Returns In One Solution

  • Consumer Use Tax

  • Exemption Certificate Management

  • Rate Files

  • Automated Returns




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